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Build up your own Clash of Kings strategy, fast and easy

Step by step you will learn everything!

Clash of Kings Buildings, army and strategy must be learnt step by step and only after that you can play it well.

To know what the game is about and what you have to do our advice is to not skip the guide. After you follow Agatha instructions, after a time you were in the moment when a stable: the rider finishes his train and your power increase. When he finishes his training you will be announced.

The next movement is to build a barrack and in this way your power increase again. You will do the same thing again. When the first farm finishes his building you have to go to collect your reward. You will get 1,120 food, 10 gold and 10 lord XP. You can collect bigger rewards if you use a Clash of Kings hack accessible online.

The most important building is Castle! The maximum level of upgrading is 30. For each level upgrade you need to have a specific number of buildings. The required wood for each upgrade will increase the same as food, iron, mithril, time of upgrading and its power. Wood and food requirement will increase the same for each level. We will give you some examples of requirements for upgrading castle from Clash of Kings game: for level 4 you need to have 3 sawmill, 5,880 wood, 5,880 food and a patience of 40 minutes to upgrade. The power will be 534. But, for level 30 you need 29 range, 231,038,734 wood and food and so on.

New building means a more powerfull army

Clash of Kings Castle is an absolutely necessary building because with each upgrading you unlock new buildings. Upgrade each building faster by generating unlimited resources and use those to travel in time and finish them almost instantly. Each city has a defense depending on buildings it has and their upgrade. If your defense fails under an attack, the most important building: Castle will be set on fire. The worst thing for you is that you need to rebuild everything to get your defense points back.

If you want to recover faster (and we recommend that ) you can use teleport. If you remain with no defense points, you will be teleported automatically to a place from your Kingdom. If you lose the castle defense points, you lose almost everything.

You can stay safe from enemy attacks with shields. But, you do not receive them for free all the time. Sometimes, you need to pay real money for them; but, considering what can happen to your Kingdom, you have to do it to not lose what you gain in so much time.

Another option to get more protection in case of attack you can join an Alliance, but a big one to have a bigger protection.

After you finish all 30 levels of castle upgrading you can start to increase the prestige level of your castle. Increase the prestige level at a faster rate with the cok free gold generator.

For prestige 1 you need to build a wonder. To build a wonder it is required a Castle with level 30, walls with level 30, farm and wishing well with level 30. For upgrading castle 10x you need to have built the wonder, 4.43 millions of wood and food, 422,000 iron, 27,000 mithril and 100 prestige badges. They are hard to get, you need to play a lot and have a lot of patience. Do not forget to invest a lot of time and.. money to get everything faster!

Clash of Clans defense strategies and tips

When you start to play Clash of Clans or a strategy game, you need to know what strategy you will adopt and how you will do it. You must know where you want to invest and how much, to bring success to your army and to protect your town from enemies.

Because you need to know what available buildings do, what they have specific and what kind of strategy you need to adopt with each one of them because any of it have his specific characteristics and „the best zone” to be placed on, we’ll also be talking about the Clash of Clans cheats that can make everything easier for you, that if you’re not into too much strategy.

Archer towers

Let’s speak about Archer Towers because it is one from the first defensive buildings you will have available.

Archer Towers have available 13 levels of update. You can update it only if you update before your Town Hall.


Advanced defenses

They are better than some other defensive buildings because they can shoot further and also they shoot double: on the ground and on air. Their range is great and even if in your town exists available other defensive buildings that are theoretically better, you should have many Archer Towers because they can protect you more than many other things. Because it has air action and it is available almost from the beginning, you can protect your town well.

For your town, it is a good idea to put them in strategic places as in the corners. The secret is to put them at outside the wall and also inside the walls. Those you place outside the wall, will protect your town from distance and also will protect your walls. You know that if your wall is broke, your enemies can easily enter in your town, so if you place this Archer Tower outside and inside in the corner and in the middle of the town, you can protect your walls and win the fight before your enemies break the wall and enter in your town.

Different strategies

Another strategy option is to put the less important buildings near the walls and the important ones as Town Hall, the ones that create the army and so on, in the middle.

Another type of Defense Building is Cannon, but they are less good than Archer Towers. Another disadvantage is that they cost more and their upgrade time is bigger than Archer Town. Also, they action only on the ground, but they have a really good range. So, our advice is to upgrade Archer Tower first, but do not forget about Cannons because they are not less important. Now, if you’re not really into deep strategy, then you can simply buy enough gems to out power your enemies or use something like a Clash of Clans hack in order to generate those gems without spending anything.


Cannons are very good for ground defense, more exactly for a point defense. You can build them exactly when you start playing Clash of Clans. They are easy to upgrade only when they are at low levels.

They are extremely good for Wall Breakers because they have a really low life.

If you place them strategic, you will have a really good battle because together with your army, Archer Tower, Walls and Bombs they make a great team in the beginning of your play!

After some time of playing, winning battles and having a lot of resources, trophies and coins, will make you have a greater battle with greater defense buildings, and don’t forget, there’s always the Clash of Clans hack that can save you!

Clash Royale – a game that sparked our interest

Magic objets, Arenas, Battle Decks, Training Camp and trophies – they are only some features of the very entertaining game Clash Royale. Haven’t you heard about it yet? Well, it is a mobile strategy game developed by Supercell, the same company that designed Clash of Clans. Yet, they are not the same game, in spite of their similarities.

Have I aroused your interest? That’s good, because there is more to Clash Royale than meets the eye and I am eager to present you the most popular game. Players are required to collect and upgrade cards of different powers, because they can destroy the enemies’ towers. In this way, each and every gamer will want to collect more cards, especcially rare ones, because they are the most powerful and can bring a lot of damage during the fight.

Talking about the game’s particularties, there have recently been made improvements due to the players’ feedback. Also because of your continuous requests the Clash Royale Hack is up and working too for people all over the globe. The notifications of the game appear in pop-ups, which allows players do their jobs while being aware of the latest updates of the game. More problems and bugs have been repaired and there has even been a development in what concerns the death damage – it is now shown on the card info screens, mostly for the Balloon, the Giant Skeleton and the Golem.

clash royale hack

In order to help you win numerous battles, there is the Mirror, a magic object that has the power to repeat your last played card. Not only does it copy the strength of the cards, but it can also create reflections which may be stronger even than the original. If you constantly upgrade the Mirror, it will become more and more powerful and will help you to easily defeat your opponents. Yet, it can only be unlocked at Arena 5.

In a Battle Deck you are supposed to choose eight cards of different stats – common, rare or very rare – and fight against them. This might help you polish up your strategic skills, because you have to take your time, consider your options and choose wisely in order not to get humiliated. But why choose wise and take your time when you can have the best cards in-game? Get them by using the right Clash Royale Hack that will allow you to get unlimited gems for you to use in your path to glory.

However, if you want to fight with real players you should go in the Arenas, but if you do not feel strong enough, you might try the Training Camp. It is a place where you can try different methods of fighting so as to decide which is the best, before carrying a battle in an Arena. As you can think, it is the point from where the road to victory starts. Yet, you have to bear in mind the fact that you don’t win or lose anything while you are in the Training Camp. In spite of the fact that you can get used with new decks and sharpen your skills, no resources or experiences will be gained. It may be both a good and a bad thing, depending on your way of thinking.

As far as I am concerned, I advise you playing Clash Royale, because it is a very entertaining game and provides you with a huge advantage – the Training Camp. You can also train on your enemies because of the Clash Royale Cheats that can change your whole game experience. Just generate enough gems and you will be unstopable with a great and big army!

Clash Royale vs Clash of Clans

Kicking it with the Clash Royale hack and cheats

Are you a game-addict? Do you like having your mind put at try? If so, there has recently appeared a very entertaining mobile game – Clash Royale. If you are ready to spend your entire spare time playing, then you should give it a go.

It is a strategy game where players are supposed to collect cards of different stats, such as common, rare or very rare, so as to raise their power in a battle. Collecting cards will become an addiction, because they have the ability to destroy the enemies’ towers in a matter of seconds.

What’s best about Clash Royale is that it gives players the opportunity to freely play until they decide whether or not they are eager to invest real money. The game provides players with challenging battles, which are carried in the Arenas , a Training Camp, where they can practice different methods of fighting and magic objects, such as the Mirror. You can also start Friendly Battles by inviting one of your clan-mates, but it is only a source of fun. Moreover, you will not get anything but the humiliation of the clan, no matter who of you two loses, because you both are in the same clan.

Clash Royle Hack

In order to fill your account with unlimited amounts of gems and obliterate your enemies(that if you also have the right tactics), you’ll need to do two simple things: access a working Clash Royale generator and then follow the instructions that come with it, after you’ve done that, you should be able to see your account getting all filled up with precious gems, all thanks to that awesome Clash Royale cheats.

clash royale hack
Talking about the Training Camp – it is a place where you can try new techniques and polish up your strategic skills without losing any gold or experience. As its name says, it is the place where players can take part in battles without fearing that they will lose. Some might say that it is a waste of time to play with no progress – no Gold or XP won – whereas others may see it as a great opportunity to become better, in order to win every battle they would carry.


The key point is to win many trophies in a battle. To do that, you need some help that only Clash Royale Hack can provide you with. Players are rewarded a lot of trophies if they win against an opponent that has a bigger amount of trophies that them, but they can also lose more if they lose against an enemy that has a smaller amount. Strange as it may seem, it is fair. By winning against powerful players you prove both to others and to yourself that you are really good. Yet, by losing against a gamer that is years behind you, you become aware of the fact that you have to practice more.

clash royale cheats
Likewise, there have been recent improvements, such as fixed bugs, but by far the best is that notifications are shown in pop-ups. Why is it so good? Because you can do everything you want while keeping up to date with the latest updates of the game – you can see what your troops are doing, what messages you have received, if you have been invited to a battle or if you have received XP or Gold. Also, you can report offensive players by sending in the Team and Support section one screenshot with the player’s profile page and one with the rude comments he or she has left.

So remember, in order to be on top, you’ll have to either empty your wallet on the game or make use of the Clash Royale hack available at the website mentioned earlier, do that and you won’t regret it, have fun clashers!

Clash Royale Header

Clash Royale Review – The gameplay, tips and hacks

Your family has called you a “gamer”? Every time your friends call you are playing? You are always sticking around playing on your phone? Then you are a real gamer. So, you must have heard about the new strategy game, Clash Royale, haven’t you?

It is a mobile strategy game for both IOS and Android platforms, published by Supercell, a video game company with its base in Helsinki, Finland. What is so special about Clash Royale that you won’t be able to pause it? Well, gamers are supposed to collect and upgrade cards of different powers. As it seems a lot with Clash of Clans, the cards are based on characters taken from its universe. What feeds the players’ desire to collect more cards is that they are unique and have such power that they will immediately destroy the enemies’ towers.

Based on their value, cards are divided into common, rare and epic. While epic cards are both the most valuable and the hardest to come by, common ones are easily found and cost less. These cards are not only used in battles so as to raise one’s power, but they are also used in clans for donations. Why is it necessary to donate cards? Because in this way you help your clan-mates and receive Gold and XP – you surely know that a good intention is always rewarded.  With the XP and Gold given, you can level up, build your Crown Tower stronger, start battles and buy cards.

As with every other Supercell game, you’ll have to pay in order to be the best, and you may think that hacking this game is easy, but it is not, there are barely any working hacks for it, but we’ve got a few tips for you regarding this matter and we’ll talk about the Clash Royale hack soon.

Clash Royale

There have been raised many questions whether Clash Royale is Clash of Clan 2, due to their similarity. Well, there is nothing like that. Although both are produced by Supercell, they are designed and developed as separate games by two different teams.

What is best about Clash Royale is that there have been some improvements in what concerns offensive language and bad attitude. Offenders can be easily dismissed only by sending two screenshots – one of the rude comments they have left in your Clan Chat and one of their profile pages. You don’t know where to send them? Well, in the right corner of the page there is a button (“Settings”) from which you choose “Help and Support” and that’s all.

So, we’ve talked before about that Clash Royale Hack, or as the french say, the Clash Royale astuce, as I said before, finding a working generator is a hard thing to do, but luckily I found something that works, the guys at have it and they are sharing it with everyone, so if you need free Clash Royale gems you know where to find them.

All in all, I hope I have helped you one way or another and that you will give Clash Royale a try sometime. I can assure you that you won’t regret playing it, because it is not only entertaining, but it also helps gamers polish up some skills.



The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game Review

“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” was one of the most anticipated games of 2015, launched for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The action of “Witcher 3” takes place in a fantasy world, full of choices and consequences. The main character is Geralt of Rivia, a hunter of monsters that should go on an epic journey to a world destroyed by war, in which he is expected to face Wild Hunt-a terrifying enemy, capable of destroying villages overnight.

Gerard has to go through a maze of dark forces to find and protect something or someone that the ancient prophecy described. The Witcher 3 world reached new heights in terms of size, complexity of the ecosystem, day / night cycle and so on.

Develop unique wizard skills, hunt monsters and develop strategies; use magic and make your way to victory in a world without limits.


Wild Hunt, as his predecessor, combines several methods to provide an exceptional gaming experience. We have a huge world to be explored carefully, to discover all that is hidden. Gerald traverse roads on his horse named Roach climb mountains and plunge into lakes and rivers.

The combat part of The Witcher 3 was refined. You have to analyze each opponent separately, see when and how will attack you, and when he is vulnerable, you have to hit him with destructive power. The clashes are mobilizing and require attention and strategy.


The graphics

The world of “The Witcher 3” was created with an incredible attention to details. Each landscape is superb. The lighting effects are outstanding and when you walk through the forests, you will appreciate sunbeams that are slipping into the trees.

The same attention have received the main characters and creatures encountered in our adventures on the Unknown Continent.

In conversations we’ll see on the face of the other person exactly what he thinks; facial expressions and gestures are the highlights of the game. The monsters you will face are created with a strong imagination, and the whole environment is really fascinating. In cities, the streets are full of people and children who discuss about Geralt. Some respects him and the other hates it.

In conclusion, CD Projekt Red team has created the best RPG of recent years, with a very interesting history, with exceptional graphics and auditory presentation and the very refined sound of the combat.